blog with us

So, you made up your mind? You want to start blogging with us? Tell us a few things, and if we’re not completely stressed out by some campaign or server problems, we’ll get back to you quick. If it takes a while, please don’t forget we all do this voluntarily, it is not work, so we can’t be stressed.

Ok, we would like to have a fancy form here, for you to get in touch with us, but for the time being, let’s rely on good old email. Write a mail to blogs at antira dot info and provide us with an email address (if it ain’t the one you’re writing from), a desired username, a desired blog address (the part).

And then, we would kindly ask you to provide a little description what you would like to do with the blog, since we only give out blogs that should somehow (but not necessarily too strictly) related to antiracist work writ large. In german, this is called Zweckbindung.