about antira.info


antira.info is a project aiming to provide access to server space and publishing technology for antiracist initiatives. We believe that in the information age, presenting and documenting our causes as well as general issues we are campaigning on is essential. Also, the web 2.0 revolution has proven that the internet is not only a space for information storage and retrieval, but also a social space where discussions and networking can take place. With the server antira.info, we aim to provide these base technologies.

campaigning in the new media age

However, the antira.info project is not only about providing technology, we are also actively researching into new developments in web and server technology as well as its social and political use in campaigns. We aim to provide a hybrid toolkit for campaigners: what technologies to use, in what way to use them, connection with well-established campaign tools, etc.

open source

On this server, we are using Free and Open Source Software only. For us, this is not just a choice concerning costs. We believe that open source development model produces quality software adjusted to the needs of users. The model also reflects our political convictions concerning social interaction in projects. As in open source, our groups and initiatives are generally open to new contributors.