, here we go…

We started some time in 2007, with them aim of providing server space and publishing technologies to antiracist initiatives. Today, we present a new face, and indeed a new system, to This should make it easier for people interested in joining us. Although we are still working on the exact details, and attempt to set up an organisation setting, with this major software update, we believe we’re ready to roll.

We will maintain this main blog to give cursory overviews over what is going on the universe of antiracist and noborder struggles, without aiming to give a complete overview. So do come back to this site, subscribe to our feed, but don’t forget that is a whole blogging platform offering much more! We provide an overview at planet antira, although we are not too happy right now about the code base and aim to rewrite it during the course of this year.

If you want to start to explore, let us suggest to start with the JOGspace, our dedicated blogging platform for the initiative Jugendliche ohne Grenzen (Youth without borders). Although most blogs are in German, check Birds of Immigrants and follow young refugees and their uncertain paths in Europe.

You might also want to explore the blog of the Noborder Camp Lesvos 2009, providing insight into our campaign at the European Union’s external border.

So long. We will be back coding and converting blogs, upgrading the server infrastructure.